The Flame in the Flood out on Xbone 24th feb

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The Flame in the Flood out on Xbone 24th feb Empty The Flame in the Flood out on Xbone 24th feb

Post  Becky on Wed Feb 10, 2016 6:53 pm

The Flame in the Flood is made by The Molasses Flood, a new developer made up of former Bioshock, Rock Band, Guitar Hero and Halo staff and features a country singers soundtrack.

Read the official blurb below,

Journey Down the River: Travel down a long, winding and completely unique procedurally-generated river, through environments inspired by the Everglades, Mississippi Delta, Louisiana Bayou, and other quintessentially American places. Your journey has an end. Will you survive long enough to reach it?

Authentic Survival: With survival tactics and wilderness dangers based on real-life references, staying alive until the end will mean staying warm, staying dry, staying healthy, and avoiding the ravenous wildlife that wants to eat you.

A unique world inspired by backwater America: Post-Apocalypse or just Post-Society? Did it all end with a bang or a whimper? The world of The Flame in the Flood explores what happens on the fringes when civilization gives up the ghost.

Music from Chuck Ragan: Featuring an original full length soundtrack by acclaimed Alt-Country rocker Chuck Ragan featuring The Camaraderie, The Fearless Kin and other special guests.

Surviving the hostile post-societal wilderness is no picnic. Scrounge for food and supplies, evade the ravenous wild-life, seek out shelter, maintain your raft, and stay healthy. And most important of all, make sure you’re gone when the rains arrive.

The Flame in the Flood as far as consoles go is exclusive (currently) to Xbone does this make any difference in your decision to pick up a game or not?
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