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Stranger of Sword City Xbone Trailer Empty Stranger of Sword City Xbone Trailer

Post  Becky on Wed Feb 03, 2016 5:59 pm

Strangerof Sword City is a 90s style Dungeon crawling RPG made for modern consoles, oddly the Xbone and PS Vita. It is out 22nd March but only digitally in America whilst the Vita version popular with Japanese games gets a digital and physical and limited edition in Europe as well.

In the game you make your entire party so for instance could name your entire party after characters from Father Ted and then imagine the back and forth between Ted and Dougal whilst in a dungeon full of monsters. In fact scrap this game I want to play Father Ted Dungeons of Craggy Island, but you may as well watch the trailer for this especially if you have some 90s nostalgia for dungeon crawlers.

Id pay good money for a Father Ted RPG, would you?

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