Xbox One has probably sold around 19m consoles

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Xbox One has probably sold around 19m consoles

Post  ScotsGamerGeek on Fri Jan 29, 2016 5:51 pm

Electronic Arts says that there are around 55m new-generation games consoles in the market right now.

It means that we can work out, roughly, how many Xbox Ones have been sold. Microsoft has decided not to detail the Xbox One install base, but PlayStation has been far more open. Sony says that it has sold 36m PS4s so far, which means that Microsoft will have sold around 19m - assuming EA's figures are correct.

That 19m figure may seem low compared with PlayStation's number, but it's actually incredibly strong and shows the Xbox One is continuing to outperform the trajectory of the Xbox 360.

The battle between Xbox and PlayStation is a lot closer in some territories. In the UK, the gap is less than half a million, for instance. However, PlayStation has sold incredibly strongly in most other European markets, far outstripping Xbox. Germany is one country where PS4 has enjoyed market dominance.

A transcript of EA's conference call, featuring CFO Blake Jorgensen, read:

"Our business seems to be operating pretty consistent as it has over the last couple of years. The console purchases are up through the end of calendar year 2015.

"Our estimate is 55m units out there, which has exceeded virtually everyone's forecast for the year and now almost 50 per cent higher than previous console cycle. So, all of that is very, very positive, all the gameplay we're seeing and the engagement with things like Ultimate Team we're seeing is positive."

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Re: Xbox One has probably sold around 19m consoles

Post  Fatboy Geezer on Fri Jan 29, 2016 6:09 pm

Saw this on eurogamer earlier today, it's quite a considerable amount of hardware that!
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Re: Xbox One has probably sold around 19m consoles

Post  Sedgendary on Fri Jan 29, 2016 8:17 pm

Yeah I see a lot of people say that Xbox has failed this generation when in fact both the PS4 and Xbox One are two of the fastest selling consoles of all time.

Xbox One had a rocky start but since Phil Spencer took over they have made some great strides in overcoming the mistakes made under Don Mattrick
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Re: Xbox One has probably sold around 19m consoles

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