Game sharing is still available on Xbox One and actually has been on 360 for awhile.

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Game sharing is still available on Xbox One and actually has been on 360 for awhile.

Post  Tenlo on Sat Jun 21, 2014 6:32 pm

So something I found out today and didn't actually realise I'd been doing for quite awhile, but the aforementioned Xbox sharing has been available on both the 360 and Xbox One for quite some time, btu only via digital releases.

So how do you do it, on the Xbox One its very simple, set your main console as the Home console on the settings, anything tied to an account existing on that Xbox will now be available for anyone on using that console (but only if it is a digital copy). You can then take your own tag and redownload the game on another console as long as you are logged in. So if you are a couple living together or like myself have kids with a seperate console you can now have the shared console or main used one as the Home Xbox and play your games separate on your console. The upside of this, MP is now available for households without buying multiple copies, so if you have Titanfall, Pvs Z etc and you have a digital copy two people can play at once (or you can boost with yourself if needed). Best of completely legit as well you can see from the supportt article on

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A similar thing has been available on 360 for years and I've used it for several arcade boosting achievements myself. With the 360 the you are given two licenses for every game you purchase digitally, one for the console and one for your GT. If you set the shared console as the license holder you can then redownload the game on another console. I personally have done this often for my kids and ex and have all my licenses on their console and I play the games under my GT on my own console. This is done by simply being logged on the main console and going to settings and transfer licenses which will transfer all yoru licenses onto that console. Be warned though you can only do this once very 3-6 months I think, but if you have multiple consoles in a house this can save you a fortune if you want to play together and don't want the restrictions of split screen gaming!!

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