Gold Halo 4 Avatar Armour

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Gold Halo 4 Avatar Armour

Post  tricky1976 on Fri Sep 28, 2012 3:50 pm if you live in usa you get a yellow halo 4 avatar outfit but i dont know if its non beta if you read it can you tell me
You also have to be an Xbox LIVE Rewards Member .

"There's no debate! Xbox LIVE is the place for all your election coverage. Because when Xbox LIVE Rewards members watch three of four presidential or vice-presidential debates on Election 2012 on Xbox LIVE, they'll get a free Halo 4 Warrior Avatar Armor. No matter your party, it's always a party with Xbox LIVE Rewards. Tune in today and make your country proud!"

Debate coverage on the following dates in real-time from 9-10:30pm ET (6-7:30pm PT) on Xbox LIVE:

Not sure if you can watch on a US account and get a code for UK account as iv heard they send code via email!

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